Saya Shanaa

Chaos - Phantom
Age: 30
Height: 179cm
Body Shape: Athletic
Profession: Adventurer, Mystic, Merchant
Sayah’s lilac eyes stand out in contrast against her darkened skin like shining gems. Often you’ll find oddities, trinkets and feathers on her apparel somewhere leaving much to wonder as to what they might be for. There’s an intimidating aura about her though she’s quick to disarm those thoughts of ‘danger’ away with a welcoming smile and a soothing tone of voice. Her long black hair at times stylised differently are highlighted with purple tips, as are the tips of her lengthy ears. There’s a sweet scent about her, working with herbs and potions she makes her own homemade blends of perfume and scents.
She’s managed to maintain a physically fit form from her passion for diving into the unknown, driven by her hunger for knowledge and excitement for meeting others scattered across the world. Though in recent times she’s slowed down her pace, taking more of an interest in the latter.Hooks:
- Sharlayan Witch - She’s at times been referred to as such, her title likely spread amongst few alongside her general appearance. Often spoken about for her mysticism, trade or air of ‘secrecy’.
- Sharlayan - She was born and raised among the Sharlayan people, though opted out to leave it being as soon as she was of the age to do so. Others from there might be able to recognise her; she often spent her time reading books within the library or outside.- Merchant - In the past she has been known to vendor off potions, trinkets and perhaps more. Offering different forms of treatments or boons. Though to those that have been rude or disrespectful in any way, may have found some of those items to give a fitting but not so cruel punishment.- Apparel - There’s this constant aura of magic that surrounds the woman regardless of what she’s wearing. You’ll find a fair few trinkets, feathers, herbs or other things accompanying her clothing.

Contact Information
World: Chaos - Phantom
In-Game Name: Sayah Shanaa
Discord: Fuse#5169

OOC Information:_
Hello, Hello and Welcome!
I'm a roleplayer from UK (GMT/BST Timezone). I'm fairly new to the roleplay in FFXIV but have gotten plenty of experience behind coming over from other places, mainly WoW.I'm fairly open to most forms of roleplay when it comes to theme and social or story-driven. You can always feel free to contact me through discord or tell in FFXIV, I will almost always respond when I'm able too.I'm always happy to discuss any potential stuff!